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Need Parenting SOLUTIONS?

Mammabee is a community for Malaysian mums & dads. We unite with one single purpose: to provide the very best for our children. From pregnancy & motherhood advice to parenting tips & parenting books, we share help & advice for families.

Need creative ideas for kids birthdays & simple lunch boxes to planning Malaysian school holidays and weekend activities perfect for families around Kuala Lumpur? Mammabee Malaysia is here to help!

We understand how it feels to be a parent, which is why we have created Mammabee’s community & marketplace just for you!

Looking for private tutors, Klang Valley school reccomendations, family transport options, the very best Malaysian enrichment centres around Selangor, party planners for birthdays and day care centres in Kuala Lumpur? Mammabee – from our app to our marketplace & community – is your one-stop Malaysian parenting destination.


Mammabee has unique features that have been creatively designed to help you in your day to day parenting experience, making parenthood simple, fun and exciting! Easy Solutions Everyday for Every Parent.

Get Organised

Overwhelmed with school holidays, birthdays doctor’s appointment, PTA, sports day and more! Mammabee CALENDAR will get you organized.


Don’t know where to go or what to do on weekends with kids? There are so many choices! Let Mammabee GUIDE help you.


Do you constantly strive to be a better parent? Parenting is all about LEARNING. Mammabee makes it easy and fun for you and your family.


Feel you need some me time? Meet other parents or perhaps you want to get closer to your child? Bond with your child through Mammabee EVENTS. Let’s get creative!


Want the very best for your family? Mammabee carefully selects high quality and trusted PRODUCTS and SERVICES at amazing value for both parents and children.


How much do you know about the products and services that you pay for? Mammabee REVIEWS will provide you with the information you need.


Selena Kaw

Co-Founder of Mammabee Malaysia

Motherhood is a wonderful time of learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed. Even after 17 years, I am still celebrating the joy of motherhood and I now have a tremendous amount of respect for all parents out there; especially my own parents who brought my sister and I up back in the days when resources were scarce.

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