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Welcome to Mammabee Malaysia

Mammabee Malaysia is a parenting community with a single purpose,  to guide parents throughout the amazing journey of parenthood.  As parents, we all aim to provide the very best for our children yet many of us are not prepared or equipted with the knowledge or skills.   We spend one thrid of our lives studying, learning and acquiring the knowledge and skills to earn a living yet when it comes to parenting,  there is no ‘university of parenting’.   So how do we ensure that we fit the role of a good parent?

Mammabee focuses on four key pillar – EDUCATION, HEALTH & WELLNESS, FINANCIAL and RELATIONSHIP.   Throughout your parenting journey you will find that just about every aspect of parenting will fall under one of these pillars.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together parents across Malaysia, onto a  platform to access  information, learn and experience various aspects of parenthood.  Mammabee will carefully source for quality and trusted products and services for  pregnancy and maternity, children as well as for the family needs.  By engaging with various  industry professionals and subject experts, we continue to empower our community with knowledge and information to improve the lives of our families.

Mammabee City

Our commitment and vision is to build a Parenting City, where every parent can find support, great value, knowledge, solutions, friendship, fun and opportunities within this community. Join us on this remarkable journey!

“Elevating Parenting Experience at Mammabee City”


Mammabee has unique features that have been creatively designed to help you in your day to day parenting experience, making parenthood simple, fun and exciting! Easy Solutions Everyday for Every Parent.

Get Organised

Overwhelmed with school holidays, birthdays doctor’s appointment, PTA, sports day and more! Mammabee CALENDAR will get you organized.


Don’t know where to go or what to do on weekends with kids? There are so many choices! Let Mammabee GUIDE help you.


Do you constantly strive to be a better parent? Parenting is all about LEARNING. Mammabee makes it easy and fun for you and your family.


Feel you need some me time? Meet other parents or perhaps you want to get closer to your child? Bond with your child through Mammabee EVENTS. Let’s get creative!


Want the very best for your family? Mammabee carefully selects high quality and trusted PRODUCTS and SERVICES at amazing value for both parents and children.


How much do you know about the products and services that you pay for? Mammabee REVIEWS will provide you with the information you need.